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About Pemas Engineers Ltd,Nigeria

Pemas Engineers Ltd was incorporated in Nigeria in June,1985 as an Engineering
company based in Ilorin,Kwara State,specializing as consulting engineering
services engineers firm in various engineering disciplines,mechanical
electrical,building services,structural,agricultural,
cane sugar manufacturing
process factory operations engineers,technical advisory services
consultant,project management and physical planning,with the objective of
rendering professional excellence and advice to clients,in accordance with the
company's procedural activities in sourcing for jobs and executing them.

After the incorporation,the company is structured and organized according to
engineering discipline in such a way as to enable the company to effectively meet
your goals in terms of design,documentation,commissionning and construction
schedules and project budgets.The activities of the Firm,however,start by sourcing
for jobs from prospective clients,either by reading through the newspapers,radio
and television adverts,on the internet or by direct contact.After exchange of
communications,we organize meetings with the Clients,who show active
interest,with a view to sort out and finalize the terms of reference and scope of
work. The job is then taken in hand. Necessary information and data to carry out
the job are gathered by visiting the site,and/or online transaction with the clients,
depending upon the nature and extent of the job.

The Firm employs specialist consultants or other related professional firms,or work
as a consortium,as the case may be,to perform specialist functions on specific
assignments to supplement our staff in meeting the project requirements.

For details of our services and projects executed,go to the
services page or select
from the menu below.

All our professional engineering services and advice are planned,designed for
energy efficient solutions and monitored to make the rendered services safe and

You are welcome to benefit from our wealth of experience.
Contact us and have a
working relationship with us.

The total parkage of well qualified professionals with broad base technical
knowledge and experience in various engineering and related business
disciplines,working together as a team,ensure that the output requirements of the
company for providing the best quality technical services are maintained.The
various specialists guide the work from start to completion,while the overall
co-ordination is done by the Managing Director

This Web site was created on 20th August,2003,to provide the avenue for
demonstrating that Pemas Engineers Ltd is indeed a company capable of
rendering the consulting services in engineering,sugar cane engineering,technical
auditing,infrastructure physical planning and project implementation. Government
and its Agencies,Chief Executives of private and commercial organizations,who
want first class professional services for their public utilities,businesses and
organizations,particularly in Nigerian and international environment,will find this site
an asset.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Pemas Engineers Ltd Nigeria is
Engr.J.O.Obayomi, the brain behind establishing a company aimed at rendering
technical excellence and advice to clients as consultants.In his over 30 years of
professional engineering practice,he has acquired expert knowledge and skill in
various fields of Engineering,sugar cane technology,Institutional Physical
Planning,project implementation and management,including Board Appointments.
He became a Corporate Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers(NSE) in
He was fully Registered by Council for the Regulation of Engineering in
Nigeria(COREN) in 1974(RO546).
He is a Registered Member of the Association of Consulting
He was the Chief Engineer of the Nigerian Sugar Company,Bacita(1976-1979).
He was the Director of Physical Planning,University of Ilorin(1980-1985).
He was a member of the Board of Directors of Kwara State Utility
He has been a member of the Board of Directors for Oro-Ago Community Bank
since 1993 to year 2004.
He was the Deputy Chairman of the National Association of Community
Banks(NACOBS) in Kwara State,Nigeria.

Mr.Iyiola Obayomi has over 6 years of experience in Business research,analysis
and Knowledge Management.Starting his career in Accenture,he was involved in
several reseach and analysis projects in the financial services industry.In the
Summer of 2001,he worked as a business analyst at Sainsbury's Bank in UK.After
his MBA at Goizueta Business School in Emory University,he interned in a
knowledge and insights position at the Coca Cola Company in
Atlanta,Georgia,USA where he helped set up a knowledge management system for
the worldwide media group.

Principal Business Co-Ordinator
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The Chairman and Managing Director Of Pemas Engineers Ltd